FREE Repair Oversized PST Demo – Trial Version!

Go for a FREE Repair Oversized PST Demo Tour: Here is something that will interest you more than anything else on this web page, it is the FREE demo of Outlook Recovery, free to download, free to install, free to run, and free to use! This will take you on a FREE demo tour of the tool, wherein, you will understand everything about our software and will get every minute detail about our tool.


If your PST file has got corrupted due to oversizing, i.e. due to crossing the threshold limit of maximum PST storage size allowed to be held in an ANSI PST (2GB) or Unicode PST (20GB), then you can first test our tool to have a free repair oversized PST demonstration tour. This will tell you how to use the software to repair oversized and hence corrupted PST using our software.

  • This demo version is given to you free of cost
  • Demo version works same like the full version with only a small limitation, with the file saving feature, which gets activated only when you take the full version of the tool
  • Besides the file saving feature, the demo version will give you a fair idea about the complete functioning of our software

After testing the tool, it is time for you to start with the recovery right away. Just place the order for the software in its full working model and wait for a few minutes, within which, you will receive the tool at your end. You are fortunate enough to spot our tool as it is a highly efficient one for this purpose. This opportunity to get the best recovery for your oversized PST has knocked on your door. Don’t let it go away! Do benefit from this golden chance!