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Personal Storage Table or the PST file format is actually the open and the proprietary file format that is mostly and almost always used to store email messages, calendar items, and email addresses, contacts and other such mailbox items that are there within the Microsoft email software applications like the client-Server type MS Exchange Client, MS Windows Messaging, and last but not the least, Microsoft Outlook email application. This PST file format is also called as the Personal Folders File.


The Cache Mode! At the time of the functioning in its capacity as the cache file for Microsoft Cached Outlook Exchange Mode feature, this PST file may be known as the Offline Storage Table or the OST file i.e. the Offline Folder File. In Exchange, mail messages, calendar data, and other items are first delivered to the server and stored over there only before reaching the individual machines that have Outlook installed in them. The Outlook program, there at the client end, stores all these mailbox items corresponding to a particular PST (personal-storage-table) file on the off-line-storage-table or the OST file, which gets located on the client machine itself. In the Exchange run environment, PST file (s) are commonly used as archive files to have off-line availability (backup) of the mailbox items to keep the work-flow going in cases of server downtimes, when OST might be unavailable.

PST Corruption and Outlook Data Recovery:

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