Scan Corrupt PST File and Recover Its Contents – This Is What Our Tool Does!

Outlook Recovery is the software that is available here, which you can use to recover your mailbox data from corrupted PST file. The software will scan corrupt PST file (that you will load into the software for recovery) and then, extract the data from it to give you a resulting healthy output file/files, which will either be in the PST format again or in the single email file MSG or EML formats, as per your output file format selection out of these three format options available in our tool.

There is another tool, which you might consider for PST repair as it is available with Outlook as a free tool, the Inbox Repair tool, or the ScanPST.exe. But, to bring to your notice, this tool works only in a very limited number of cases, in which, the corruption level is very minor, and most of the cases that we have come to know where the users have used this tool to repair PST, it failed to repair PST properly and also could not recover all the contents of the file completely in all respects.

So, a better and smarter workaround to scan corrupt PST file and recover its contents is to use a commercial solution, which is readily available here with us, the software, which is a tool with a difference, and the difference lies in its unmatched excellence, which at par with the industry standards and unsurpassable by other solutions from other vendors available for the same purpose, i.e., for PST data recovery. The software is so easy to use that even those people who have just begun using the system or who have just started with the use of Outlook can also use our Outlook Scan software to mend the data damages incurred on the PST file owing to the unwelcome corruption issue.